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The Wilberforce Project is committed to protecting girls, women and the pre-born through engaging Alberta's government and pro-life citizens. 

Established in 1986, The Wilberforce Project is the provincial pro-life group dedicated to protecting girls, women and the pre-born through education and political action in Alberta. 

By offering political education to the public and helping pro-life candidates win, we believe that we will one day see human rights for the whole human race. 

The Wilberforce Project is dedicated to fighting for MORE information, MORE protection, and MORE support for girls, women and the pre-born.

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    I Stand with John

    John Carpay, a free speech lawyer and hero to the pro-life movement, has come under attack from the politically correct, thought policing, left-wing Twitter mob. The attacks come after a speech John Carpay gave in which he defended fundamental freedoms, and accidentally gave the impression to some that he believed the Swastika and the Rainbow flag were comparable. He later issued a statement clarifying that he did not intend to communicate that comparison.

    He was actually arguing that it is a totalitarian to take away fundamental freedoms, regardless of the symbol used to justify it.  Ironically, he was immediately attacked by the politically correct Twitter mob who demanded that Jason Kenney revoke Carpay’s United Conservative Party membership.

    John Carpay is in the crosshairs of the radical left, in part, because of his work defending the fundamental freedoms of pro-lifers. Cam Wilson, our Political Coordinator, was able to graduate from the University of Calgary because of the work John Carpay and the JCCF did to protect the freedom of speech of his campus pro-life team.

    The aim of the radical left in attacking Carpay is simple: hurt the reputation of a good man in order to damage the work that he is doing...and all those associated with him.

    John Carpay has stood up for our fundamental freedoms time and time again. It is now time for freedom loving Canadians to thank this good man by standing up for him. Please sign and share our “I Stand with John Carpay” petition. He needs our support!

    1,304 SIGNATURES
    2,500 signatures

    We the undersigned, demand the United Conservative Party maintain John Carpay's membership in their party, and stand strong in the face of the left-wing, politically correct, Twitter mob's attacks against him.

    Will you sign?