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The Wilberforce Project is committed to protecting girls, women and the pre-born through engaging Alberta's government and pro-life citizens. 

Established in 1986, The Wilberforce Project is the provincial pro-life group dedicated to protecting girls, women and the pre-born through education and political action in Alberta. 

By offering political education to the public and helping pro-life candidates win, we believe that we will one day see human rights for the whole human race. 

The Wilberforce Project is dedicated to fighting for MORE information, MORE protection, and MORE support for girls, women and the pre-born.

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    I Vote Pro-Life Pledge

    I pledge to vote in the Alberta Provincial Elections on April 16, 2019 and support a local pro-life candidate. I call on all candidates for our Legislative Assembly to advocate for more information, more protection, and more support for girls, women, and the pre-born.

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