About Politics

Do you believe that the government should protect innocent people from being killed?  It seems unavoidable to conclude that the government doesn't just have a responsibility to protect the innocent, but that this is the most important role of government.

So, if pre-born children are human beings, then it stands to reason that the government should enact laws to protect them from being killed.

Some people, however, argue that the pro-life movement should not engage in politics; that politics is unhelpful and we should instead focus purely on changing hearts and minds on the abortion issue.

While changing hearts and minds is important, ultimately if we don't support laws restricting abortion, then we either:

1) don't believe that the government has a moral obligation to protect innocent people from being killed; or

2) we don't believe that the pre-born child is a human being (and therefore aren't really pro-life).

Furthermore, political involvement does have an impact.  Laws on abortion will save lives, and through political involvement we can change laws.

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