Edmonton Banquet 2019


Thank you to all the wonderful supporters and friends who came out on May 10 & 11, 2019 to the 7th annual Benefit for Life banquet! 


One of the goals of the Benefit for Life is to grow and engage the pro-life movement in Alberta, and this year the Benefit for Life was hosted over two evenings to accommodate such a large number of attendees. The Wilberforce Project welcomed just under 850 people over the two nights - the largest number of pro-lifers to ever attend the Benefit for Life! 


This year, the guests at the Benefit for Life raised over $48,000 to go toward the next steps of creating Canada's first abortion law! These generous gifts will help to lobby the current government to present bills and motions that will protect women and children from abortion. 

On top of these generous gifts, our supporters also raised just under $500 in monthly donations! These gifts will help The Wilberforce Project to continue to grow our staff to protect women and children with Canada's first abortion law. 

Didn't get a chance to give at the Benefit for Life but still want to protect the most vulnerable in our society? Click below to give toward the creation of laws and regulations in Alberta that will uphold human rights for all human beings and provide more protection, more information, and more support to girls and women. 

MLA Letters

At the event, 583 attendees signed a letter to their MLA's about conscience rights in Alberta, and we're still receiving more! If you'd like us to email you a copy to sign, please email admin@twp.life to request a copy. Also, if you took home a stack of letters from the event or haven't yet mailed or emailed your signed copy to us, please ensure these get back to our office no later than June 30th, as The Wilberforce Project will sort and hand deliver all the letters to each MLA. 

Stay in the Loop

To hear more about the projects that The Wilberforce Project is working on, to get an update when the MLA letters are delivered, or to stay in the loop for more political AGM information make sure that you sign up on our email list here!

Political Action

Jeff Watson is currently running for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in the Battle River-Crowfoot riding. If he wins that nomination he will be the party’s candidate in the general election, and that riding is one of the safest ridings in Canada for the Conservatives.   

So if you live in the riding (the municipalities of Camrose, Drumheller, Stettler, and Hanna are all in the riding) then you will need a Conservative Party of Canada membership in order to vote for a pro-life candidate in the nomination. It only costs $15, can be bought here (https://donate.conservative.ca/membership/), and is the best way to democratically express your pro-life opinion because as few as 500 people who show up to the nomination with a membership could decide who your next MP is. Be sure to be one of those people.