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    Contact Us

    Have any questions or comments for us? Feel free to phone our office or email the staff member you would like to talk with and we would be happy to help you or answer any of your questions.

    Office Hours:

    M-F | 9am-3:30pm


    Office - 780-421-7747


    Executive Director - ed@twp.life

    Political Coordinator - act@twp.life

    Administrative Assistant - admin@twp.life

    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 11479

    Edmonton, AB T5J 3K5


    Office Address:

    Please contact the office by phone or email to receive the office location

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    We Made the News!
    Posted by · September 19, 2017 2:30 PM

    Motion 514?
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    Motion 514?


    On March 02, 2017 Marie Renaud, an NDP MLA, introduced M-514 for the consideration of the legislature, which calls for increasing abortion access in rural Alberta.

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    We made the news ... and the ndp's facebook page!



     We have been fighting the NDP's anti-life and anti-rural M-514 for months, and the NDP are starting to get worried!  In a recent Facebook post, they pushed back.  They were worried because they know that when the general election comes around they will have to fight Alberta's pro-life movement.  We are growing, getting wiser, and getting stronger; and the pro-abortion movement sees that their friends in the multi-million unrestricted abortion industry are in danger of losing money. 

    Metro News in Calgary reported the story.

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    About Politics

    Do you believe that the government should protect innocent people from being killed?  It seems unavoidable to conclude that the government doesn't just have a responsibility to protect the innocent, but that this is the most important role of government.

    So, if pre-born children are human beings (click here for proof of the humanity of the pre-born child), then it stands to reason that the government should enact laws to protect them from being killed.

    Some people, however, argue that the pro-life movement should not engage in politics; that politics is unhelpful and we should instead focus purely on changing hearts and minds on the abortion issue.

    While changing hearts and minds is important, ultimately if we don't support laws restricting abortion, then we either:

    1) don't believe that the government has a moral obligation to protect innocent people from being killed; or

    2) we don't believe that the pre-born child is a human being (and therefore aren't really pro-life).

    Furthermore, political involvement does have an impact.  Laws on abortion will save lives, and through political involvement we can change laws.

    Sign up below to get involved in pro-life politics, and click here to see more about the training opportunities we have available!

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    Bring TWP to You

    A great way to help build the pro-life movement in your community is by inviting The Wilberforce Project to give a presentation.  We do two types of presentations:

    1) Politics 101: answering basic questions about why pro-lifers should be involved in politics, and why we believe that political action will save innocent human lives from abortion.

    2) Coffee party: a gathering of your friends at your house in an informal atmosphere to allow us to explain who we are, what we do, and how they can help.

    If you are interested in bringing us in for either of those options, sign up below and we will get you the details about how you can make that happen!

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    The Wilberforce Project has many different on-going projects at any one-time, so we love having volunteers with all different skill sets that are willing to help us out. 

    These projects range from political campaigns to event planning, and envelope stuffing to website programming - so we will be able to find you a spot where you will love to volunteer!

    Here are our broad volunteer categories:

    Political Volunteers
    Political volunteers have a number of different opportunities to get involved, if you become a political volunteer you will receive notices when we need people to make phone calls, door knock, or come out to an event to support a candidate. Would you like to be a political volunteer and receive updates when an opportunity like this becomes available? Mark the checkbox below.

    Office Volunteers
    Our team of office volunteers are life savers for us when we have large events and projects throughout the year and we just need a few helping hands. Office volunteers write cards, enter data, and make phone calls for us. Would you like to be an office volunteer with us and receive an email when we have new opportunities like this? Mark the checkbox below.

    Host a Coffee Party
    Expansion and fundraising can only happen when new people get involved and engaged in the pro-life movement. One of the main ways we do this is through coffee parties, you make the coffee and invite your friends and we will come and give a presentation about who we are and our strategy. Would you be willing to grow the movement by hosting a coffee party and inviting your friends? Mark this checkbox below.

    Become a volunteer

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    Become a member

    Becoming a member of The Wilberforce Project will make you a part of the pro-life network which spans the province.  Our members have the right to participate and vote at our Annual General Meeting, where we outline the progress of our projects and the direction we will be taking the movement in Alberta for the upcoming year.


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    What is M514 and What is Being Done About it?




    Marie Renaud, an NDP MLA, introduced M-514 for the consideration of the legislature. This motion calls for increasing abortion access in rural and northern Alberta. 

    Considering the government has ignored and harmed rural interests since taking power in 2015, it is insulting that they believe increasing abortion access is the pressing need of these communities.  A person who has a heart attack in Red Deer is 50% more likely to die than if he had one in Calgary.  Yet the NDP didn't introduce a motion to improve health care outcomes for these people.  EMS response times have increased exponentially in southern Alberta, yet the NDP hasn't introduced any motions or bills dealing with this crisis.

    The motion speaks to the priorities of this government when it comes to rural communities.  They don't care unless you want to have an abortion.

    The Wilberforce Project reacted to this nonsense by putting together a petition in response to M-514. We hope to be able to get 2000 signatures as a start.  From this beginning we will keep building the pressure on the NDP to focus on real rural priorities.

    Visit our petition site and sign the petition to speak out for rural Alberta!

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    Get Trained

    As pro-lifers, the more we know about the political process, the better we are going to be at influencing it. And influencing politics matters because we have 12,000 lives to save from abortion every year. Every year that pro-lifers don't influence politics in a meaningful way is another year that the death toll continues to rise.

    That's why The Wilberforce Project is committed to training pro-lifers in politics. Our training programs are designed for people with varied levels of political experience and knowledge. Whether you are a complete political novice or a veteran campaigner, we have training that you will find valuable.

    Sign up below to receive updates about training opportunities!

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    Get Active

    The pro-life movement in Alberta is going through an exciting phase of growth!  Together we are working towards an abortion free Alberta.

    Imagine an Alberta where it was illegal to stab, dismember, poison or otherwise harm an innocent pre-born child!  That is the vision that The Wilberforce Project is working towards.  We do this through uniting the pro-life movement in Alberta, by cutting edge political advocacy, and by working to educate Albertans about abortion.

    Our movement is growing, but we desperately need you!  Can you help out?

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    Fulfill My Pledge

    Thank you for pledging to give when our team called you the other day! It is only through the prayers and generous giving of our supporters that we are able to continue our work in the pro-life movement. 

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to call our office at 780.421.7747 or to email Stephanie Fennelly, Executive Director at ed@twp.life


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    Q: I want to receive emails about upcoming pro-life events
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    Email Prefrences

    Click through each question to decide which emails you would like to receive from The Wilberforce Project!

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    Join the Movement

    Don't just sign up to receive some emails. Don't just sign up to stay connected. Sign up to Join the Movement! 

    Everyday in Alberta there are approximately 38 abortions. That means that everyday there are 38 children who will know nothing other than their mothers womb. And everyday there are 38 mothers who will never be the same. 

    In Alberta there are no restrictions or laws on abortion, just as in all of Canada - one of three countries in the world that have no laws on abortion: Canada, China, and North Korea. 

    Join Albertans who want to see public policy restricting abortion. Join Albertans who take a stand for life.

    Join the Movement Today.


    If you have already signed up, check out this link to set your email preferences.

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