Parental Consent for Minors

The abortion industry protects its revenue.  Parents protect their kids.  

We feel scared when we think of what a pregnant young girl might experience in Alberta.  Fear of judgement and regret twist in her stomach just like the morning sickness.  She desperately needs more support, more resources and more information, not coercion, hidden agendas, or people profiting from her decision. But will she receive it? 

Sadly, she might turn to the abortion clinic and find herself confiding in the only institution that stands to profit from her choice.  Instead of more support, more resources and more information, she receives a sales pitch. Added to her crisis is the distorted information and hidden agenda of the abortion industry.  The economics are clear that the abortion clinic's bottom line will suffer if she chooses anything other than its service.

Meanwhile, parents who are, by law, informed of all other health care needs of their underage child, will NOT be informed if she gets an abortion. The people who love, support and protect this teen the most are excluded. 

If you agree that girls in crisis need more protection and support, please sign and share the statement below.  Ensure that underage girls in crisis will have the protection of their parents and not only the agenda of an industry.


We the undersigned residents of Alberta wish to draw the attention of the Alberta Legislative Assembly to the following:

That the current state of parent rights when it comes to abortion procedures performed on minors in this province is inadequate, resulting in a state where parental consent is not required for a minor to receive an abortion procedure. As well as that it is not even required that parents are informed that their child has received this procedure either before or after it has been done.

Therefore the undersigned call upon the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to pass legislation which will make it necessary for a minor's legal guardian to consent to, or at least be informed of, abortion procedures from being performed upon any minors in their charge.

1,500 signatures