Thank you for caring deeply about the preborn, you have been a blessing to them as well as to us.


Project Highlight

Your gift will be going toward one of many of our ongoing projects. One of the projects we are currently working on is stopping the expansion of abortion access in rural Alberta. The NDP recently put forward Motion 514 to grant more access to abortion in rural communities, neglecting the other health care concerns that have been raised by rural families such as EMS response times. Instead Motion 514 was put forward, which not only disregards rural communities true concerns about their health care access, but also raises new concerns as it allows for the increase in dismembering preborn children. 

One of the ways The Wilberforce Project is responding to this is by setting up a petition against Motion 514. Our goal is to reach 2500 signatures and we are over half-way there! Add your name to this petition to stop the increase of abortion access in rural Alberta, and to let the government know that there are more pressing health care concerns that rural communities want addressed. Not the dismembering of their children. 



Please note that The Wilberforce Project is not a registered charity because of the political nature of our work, and your gift is not tax deductible. But please expect a receipt in your inbox shortly that will serve as a donation confirmation.



If you have questions about your donation please call our office at 780-421-7747 or send an email to and we will happily answer any questions or concerns.