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    The Wilberforce Project thrives off of the generous time donated by our many dedicated volunteers.

    We provide a multitude of fun and meaningful opportunities to plug into the pro-life movement, depending on your skills and preferences. Volunteer opportunities range from political involvement to stuffing envelopes to helping at events. We're excited to find out how you want to help and plug you into an opportunity tailored to you! 

    Our volunteer times are flexible because we know that life can be busy. Join us for a fun afternoon of helping a pro-life candidate, or volunteer in the comfort of your own home while your kiddos take a nap. There's also no long-term commitment for our volunteers, feel free to join us a few times to see if The Wilberforce Project is a good fit for you - we guarantee that you'll want to stick around for the long-haul though! 

    If you're interested in volunteering with us, sign up below and our Volunteer Director will contact you shortly! Please include in the comments box if there's a certain project you already know you'd like to volunteer for. 

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  • signed Stop Restricted Speech Zones! 2018-03-14 22:44:25 -0600
    Valerie Hendrika Beukema

    Stop Restricted Speech Zones!

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    Whereas Rachel Notley and the NDP are considering enacting legislation to create restricted speech zones on public property around abortion clinics,

    And whereas Canadians have the constitutional right to peacefully express their opinions on public property,

    We, the undersigned, call upon the government and the legislature of Alberta to reject any proposed law which creates restricted speech zones around abortion clinics.

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