Alberta's Benefit for Life

Will you be counted? 

Since 2012 the Alberta Benefit for Life has been boldly growing as it helps to strengthen the pro-life movement within Canada. The banquet is a yearly opportunity to gather all the pro-life voices in the province to ensure the support for legislation and politicians who will help protect the dignity of life.   

Tragically, taxpayer dollars fund the killing of 300 pre-born children every day in this country. Pro-life Albertans need to be heard and courageous changes need to be made to save human lives. Please raise your voice for the voiceless in this province as we take the next step to create the first pro-life law in Canada.   

The Wilberforce Project is dedicated to fighting for legislation that offers MORE information, MORE protection, and MORE support for girls, women and the pre-born.   

We look forward to seeing you Saturday, May 30, 2020 in Edmonton for the Alberta Benefit for Life- the largest pro-life banquet in Canada.  

This year the banquet will be held at a larger location with reserved seating.  


For more information or to reserve seats please visit  


If you have any questions or concerns please email