Danik Blanchet

  • signed Summer Grant Discrimination 2018-04-19 15:52:05 -0600

    Petition Against Summer Grant Discrimination

    The Trudeau government is denying access to government programs based on personal beliefs. This is discrimination and it is unacceptable.

    What is next? Will Trudeau withhold pension funds, EI, or student grants if you don’t agree with him? The Trudeau government is trying to force their morality on the rest of us and they need to be stopped before it goes any further. The Liberal government should be ashamed for financially debilitating valuable programs like Christian summer camps and summer programs for underprivileged kids. Not to mention they are trying to muzzle freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association through coercion and oppression.

    My suggestion to anyone affected by Trudeau’s extremism is to refuse to sign the summer grant value declaration and instead join the thousands of Canadian’s who oppose ideological discrimination and selective access to government programs. 

    First they attacked the pro-life and traditional marriage worldview. What will be next? Will you speak out now?

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  • wants to volunteer 2018-04-08 08:43:56 -0600


    The Wilberforce Project has many different on-going projects at any one-time, so we love having volunteers with all different skill sets that are willing to help us out. 

    These projects range from political campaigns to event planning, and envelope stuffing to website programming - so we will be able to find you a spot where you will love to volunteer!

    Here are our broad volunteer categories:

    Political Volunteers
    Political volunteers have a number of different opportunities to get involved, if you become a political volunteer you will receive notices when we need people to make phone calls, door knock, or come out to an event to support a candidate. Would you like to be a political volunteer and receive updates when an opportunity like this becomes available? Mark the checkbox below.

    Office Volunteers
    Our team of office volunteers are life savers for us when we have large events and projects throughout the year and we just need a few helping hands. Office volunteers write cards, enter data, and make phone calls for us. Would you like to be an office volunteer with us and receive an email when we have new opportunities like this? Mark the checkbox below.

    Host a Coffee Party
    Expansion and fundraising can only happen when new people get involved and engaged in the pro-life movement. One of the main ways we do this is through coffee parties, you make the coffee and invite your friends and we will come and give a presentation about who we are and our strategy. Would you be willing to grow the movement by hosting a coffee party and inviting your friends? Mark this checkbox below.

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  • signed Stop Restricted Speech Zones! 2018-03-16 10:38:18 -0600
    I never did like Notley for multiple reason

    Stop Restricted Speech Zones!

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    Whereas Rachel Notley and the NDP are considering enacting legislation to create restricted speech zones on public property around abortion clinics,

    And whereas Canadians have the constitutional right to peacefully express their opinions on public property,

    We, the undersigned, call upon the government and the legislature of Alberta to reject any proposed law which creates restricted speech zones around abortion clinics.

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