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is what girls, women, and the pre-bron deserve. The Wilberforce Project is working to provide protection and hope for these girls and their pre-born children by creating Canada's First Abortion Law. Our goal is to raise $35,000 by the end of 2018 to fund the next steps.

Today would you consider making a sacrificial gift to help protect these vulnerable girls and their pre-born children? 

A one-time gift will go toward the expenses of identifying pro-lifers in key ridings throughout Alberta, engaging them and encouraging them to influence the government to protect the pre-born. 

Monthly donations help to sustain this work long-term by generously covering the costs of staff hours necessary to make such an influence in Alberta. 

Partner with us to put an end to abortion in Alberta. 

$16,033.56 raised
GOAL: $35,000.00

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