Fulfill Your Pledge

The Wilberforce Project has seen a number of great successes over the past few years. Your participation and financial support are fueling the movement that is making waves and gaining ground.  

Here are some of our top recent wins: 

  • We defeated Motion 514 and Motion 506, which called for expanding abortion in rural Alberta. 
  • We helped nominate and elect the most pro-life legislature in decades. 
  • Don Braid at the Calgary Herald wrote an article quoting a Conservative activist as saying, “Wherever the pro-lifer activists show up, they win. When they don’t show up it’s usually because they’ve already got it won.” 

We’ve got momentum and we’re not slowing down now! With your help, we can accomplish more. Over the next few years, we are working toward: 

  • Getting conscience rights legislation passed. 
  • Increasing the emergency allowance for pregnant women fleeing domestic abuse to cover trips to the doctor and neonatal vitamins. 
  • Nominating and electing an even more pro-life legislature in four years’ time, with the hope of introducing and passing a law requiring parental notification before a minor can have an abortion. 

We have a $8,000 goal to continue our momentum of pro-life wins. 

As always, we continue to rely on the contributions of supporters like you. Can we count on your support with a contribution to help us reach our $8,000 goal to build a pro-life province? 


$8,030.00 raised
GOAL: $8,000.00

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