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    Thank you for caring deeply about the preborn, you have been a blessing to them as well as to us.


    Please note that The Wilberforce Project is not a registered charity because of the political nature of our work, and your gift is not tax deductible. But please expect a receipt in your inbox shortly that will serve as a donation confirmation.



    If you have questions about your donation please call our office at 780-421-7747 or send an email to admin@twp.life and we will happily answer any questions or concerns.


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    Reverse Garage Sale



    Welcome to The Wilberforce Project's reverse garage sale! 

    As summer's coming to a close, garage sales are wrapping up, but we still have a list of items that we've been hoping to find for our office. So we want to share that list with you! 

    Maybe you have some of these items taking up space in your basement or you were hoping to get rid of them in a garage sale but they never sold. Well, here's the opportunity to clear some space in your home while getting the reward of helping out a great cause. 

    Our goal is to keep this list updated and cross off items as we receive them, so if you want to donate something and it's still up on the site please shoot us an email at admin@twp.life or phone our office at 780-421-7747 to let us know which item you would like to donate. 

    Note that our office is in Edmonton, but we will be in Calgary and surrounding area in October and a drop off time can be arranged. 


    Office Supplies:

    • Pens (in good condition that can be used at our events) 
    • Sticky Notes
    • White Printing Paper (8.5x11'') - Received!
    • Manila Mailing Envelopes (Any size) - Received!
    • Batteries
    • Cork board/white board (with doors that swing open and closed)
    • Clear Plastic Stand that holds a single 8.5x11'' sheet of paper - Received!
    • Paper Shredder
    • Laminating Machine - Received!
    • iPhone 5 or newer (wiped clean)
    • iPad/Tablet 2014 or newer (wiped clean)
    • Laptop (wiped clean)
    • Air conditioner system (must be a standing system, not a window ledge system)
    • Small portable printer

    Kitchen Supplies:

    • Recycling Bags
    • Kitchen Garbage Bags (Small white bags, not the large black ones)
    • Dish Soap 
    • Hand Soap
    • Keurig Machine 
    • K-Cups 
    • Drain Tray for dishes - Received!
    • Serving Bowls - Received!
    • Utensil Set - Received!
    • Paring Knives 
    • Napkins - Received!
    • Paper Towel
    • Paper Plates - Received!
    • Plastic Utensils - Received!
    • Flats of water, ice tea, pop, etc (to be used for volunteer events & meetings)


    • Air Miles (for staff training)

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    Interested in UCP Policy?

    Let us know if you're interested in supporting pro-life policies by being involved in the United Conservative Parties policy process - we will send you an email with the next step to get involved. 

    Take the survey

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    Petition Against Summer Grant Discrimination

    The Trudeau government is denying access to government programs based on personal beliefs. This is discrimination and it is unacceptable.

    What is next? Will Trudeau withhold pension funds, EI, or student grants if you don’t agree with him? The Trudeau government is trying to force their morality on the rest of us and they need to be stopped before it goes any further. The Liberal government should be ashamed for financially debilitating valuable programs like Christian summer camps and summer programs for underprivileged kids. Not to mention they are trying to muzzle freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association through coercion and oppression.

    My suggestion to anyone affected by Trudeau’s extremism is to refuse to sign the summer grant value declaration and instead join the thousands of Canadian’s who oppose ideological discrimination and selective access to government programs. 

    First they attacked the pro-life and traditional marriage worldview. What will be next? Will you speak out now?

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    Bring TWP to you

    A great way to help build the pro-life movement in your community is by inviting The Wilberforce Project to give a presentation.  We do two types of presentations:

    1) Politics 101: answering basic questions about why pro-lifers should be involved in politics, and why we believe that political action will save innocent human lives from abortion.

    2) Coffee party: a gathering of your friends at your house in an informal atmosphere to allow us to explain who we are, what we do, and how they can help.

    If you are interested in bringing us in for either of those options, please email ed@twp.life and we can set it up!

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    About Abortion


    1. The human heart begins to beat at 22 days after conception. [1]

    2. The heart beat at 8 weeks gestation is the same the heart beat at birth. [2]

    3. The pre-born can feel pain at 20 weeks. [3]



    1. In Canada there are NO LAWS that restrict abortion.  Compared to the rest of the world, Canada is one of three countries with such an extreme position.  The other two countries with NO LAWS on abortion are China and North Korea. [4]

    2. As a result of item 1 above, Sex Selection Abortion (aborting your baby because it is the wrong gender) is legal and practiced in Canada. [5]

    3. The father of the pre-born has no rights to protect his child. [6]


    Statistics: [7]

    1. In Canada over 100,000 pre-born are killed by abortion each year. 

    2. 13,385 pre-born were aborted in Alberta in 2015.  

    3. At least 587 abortions were performed past 20 weeks in Alberta during 2015.

    4.  423 minors had an abortion without the need for parental consent in Alberta during 2015.  8350 abortions were performed on women 25 and older.

    5. 5% of the women who had an abortion in Alberta during 2015 reported their 3rd or more abortion. 

    6. Only 1% of abortions are pregnancies caused by rape and incest. [8]

    7. 1 in 4 pregnancies end by abortion. [8]

    8. Abortion, an elective procedure, is fully funded by taxpayer dollars throughout Canada. [9]


    We believe all human beings deserve human rights. Do you?

    Click here to get involved and protect the pre-born.



    [1] https://embryology.med.unsw.edu.au/embryology/index.php/Timeline_human_development#Week_3

    [2] https://radiopaedia.org/articles/fetal-heart-rate

    [3] http://www.doctorsonfetalpain.com/

    [4] http://www.prochoiceactionnetwork-canada.org/articles/canada.shtml

    [5] https://www.loc.gov/law/help/sex-selection/canada.php

    [6] http://www.publications.gc.ca/Collection-R/LoPBdP/CIR/8910-e.htm#F.  Protecting-T.  Section:F. Protecting the Fetus: Borowski and Daigle

    [7] Points 1-5 Referenced from Canadian Institution of Health Information - 2015 excel document: https://www.cihi.ca/sites/default/files/document/induced-abortion-can-2015-en-web.xlsx

    [8] https://www.guttmacher.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/pubs/psrh/full/3711005.pdf

    [9] http://abortionincanada.ca/funding/ 

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    Join the Movement

    The Loop - Stay in the loop and receive The Wilberforce Project's newsletter, upcoming events, political alerts, and other significant information

    Political Alerts - Don't want to stay in the loop, but still want to receive action items for pro-lifers? Sign up for Political Alerts and only receive an email when there is a mandatory political action that must be taken by pro-lifers.

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    Jason Kenney or Brian Jean?



    Before you decide who you're voting for, you might want to see this.

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    Contact Us

    Have any questions or comments for us? Feel free to phone our office or email the staff member you would like to talk with and we would be happy to help you or answer any of your questions.

    Office Hours:

    M-F | 9am-3:30pm


    Executive Director - 587-802-0285

    Political Coordinator - 587-600-0593

    Office - 780-421-7747


    Executive Director - ed@twp.life

    Political Coordinator - act@twp.life

    Office Coordinator - admin@twp.life

    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 11479

    Edmonton, AB T5J 3K5


    Office Address:

    Please contact the office by phone or email to receive the office location.

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    The United Conservative Party's Policy Email
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    Jason Kenney or Brian Jean?
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    Motion 514?


    On March 02, 2017 Marie Renaud, an NDP MLA, introduced M-514 for the consideration of the legislature, which calls for increasing abortion access in rural Alberta.

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    The Wilberforce Project has many different on-going projects at any one-time, so we love having volunteers with all different skill sets that are willing to help us out. 

    These projects range from political campaigns to event planning, and envelope stuffing to website programming - so we will be able to find you a spot where you will love to volunteer!

    Here are our broad volunteer categories:

    Political Volunteers
    Political volunteers have a number of different opportunities to get involved, if you become a political volunteer you will receive notices when we need people to make phone calls, door knock, or come out to an event to support a candidate. Would you like to be a political volunteer and receive updates when an opportunity like this becomes available? Mark the checkbox below.

    Office Volunteers
    Our team of office volunteers are life savers for us when we have large events and projects throughout the year and we just need a few helping hands. Office volunteers write cards, enter data, and make phone calls for us. Would you like to be an office volunteer with us and receive an email when we have new opportunities like this? Mark the checkbox below.

    Host a Coffee Party
    Expansion and fundraising can only happen when new people get involved and engaged in the pro-life movement. One of the main ways we do this is through coffee parties, you make the coffee and invite your friends and we will come and give a presentation about who we are and our strategy. Would you be willing to grow the movement by hosting a coffee party and inviting your friends? Mark this checkbox below.

    Become a volunteer