The Wilberforce Project is the umbrella pro-life group in Alberta, and this allows us to focus on three things:

1) to serve as a hub for pro-life activity across the province,

2) to act as a pro-life provincial political lobby, and

3) to educate the public of Alberta on the issues of abortion and euthanasia.

We accomplish our first goal by regularly communicating with all of the local groups and acting as a conduit of information and resources between the local pro-life groups across the province.  Because of The Wilberforce Project the pro-life movement in Alberta can honestly say that pro-lifers from places as far away from each other as Peace River and Medicine Hat are in communication with each other.  Because of The Wilberforce Project, successful tactics from any one spot in the province can be copied and implemented across the province.  Through team work like this we are confident that Alberta will play a proud role in bringing an end to abortion.  As we like to say, Together We Win!

Our second focus as an organization is political advocacy.  Our organization has spent the last three years creating a large network of thousands of pro-life Albertans from all corners of the province and giving them action items to impact the political system.  We have also been cultivating relationships with pro-life politicians, which along with our network of pro-life supporters, is rapidly turning us into a force in provincial politics.  In addition to building a network of pro-lifers and establishing relationships with pro-life politicians, The Wilberforce Project also is committed to training pro-lifers in effective political advocacy in order to build a movement of experienced campaigners which we can draw from in the future as we continue to work towards an abortion free Alberta.

Our final focus is on educating Albertans about abortion and euthanasia.  Sadly, many Albertans are uninformed on these important issues and we believe that by increasing public awareness we can go a long way towards changing how our society views these issues.  We do this by equipping local pro-life groups with educational tools as well as by acting as a provincial spokes-group to the media on life issues.

We hope that you will spend some time going through our site and learning more about the pro-life movement in Alberta! If you have any further questions about our operation or would simply like to have a chat with us, feel free to give our office a call at 780-421-7747.


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